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The rest of the racist/chauvinist mumb-jumbo is irrelevant. In fact Mr. Baguirov keeps composing irrelevant things that has practically nothing to accomplish with Nizami's father!. But it is well known which the Ottomans seemed down on the phrase Turks And that i can provide a lot of references. I don't treatment with regard to the racist/chauvinist mumbo-jumbo, I care about crafting history accurately, as the way it ought to be. Historical past like currently has experienced racism.

The same as one example is if somebody will probably translate poems from English, it is better to possess the education of the English process throughout the sixteen decades or so, rather than understand it from a handful of university courses. As per Jalal Khalegh Motlaghi, following the Russian version, Professor. Dabir Sayyaghi generated One more version. The Moscow version can be quite incomplete and it relies mostly on one particular manuscript that was not accessible readily to Iranian Students at the time. So the entire process of earning a more entire manuscript can be an ongoing approach and Dr. Motlaghi's monumental activity reveals it and he himself is Iranian BTW. Also from Ferdowsi There exists about a thousand manuscript as well as the Shahnameh was way more large compared to Pan-Ganj. The Pan-Ganj manuscripts also have to be divided by 5. So The 2 responsibilities are extremely different and absolutely the Ferdowsi one particular is far more difficult and Dr. Khaleghi Motlaq has proven a number of the issues of the Moscow edition (which displays which the USSR will not be excellent).

13) According to Nizami currently being an ethnic Arab, yet again we don't know what exactly his father was, but big volume of Arabs did settle in the region since the Arabic invasion. In fact Mr. Baguirov once again displays his ignorance by contemplating this concept is preposterous.

دوم اينکه خزرها در زمان امويان به ايران و قفقاز و آذربايجان حمله کردند و انها هرگز و هرگز از مردم بومي آذربايجان نبودند. بلکه اگر شماها مي خواهيد آذربايجاني ها را به خزرها ربط بدهيد مسئله خودتان هست ولي آذربايجاني ها نه نياکنشان يهودي بودند و نه زبانشان ترکي خزري است بلکه زبان انها ترکي اوغوزي است. (دکتر هئيت)

Any typos and spelling faults from the above reaction is because of the fact that the reaction is long and regrettably Mr. Adil Buguirov jumped from Armenians to Persians to Russians remaining paid out by Armenian to Afghanistan to Dede Korkot to.. It's no bearing around the evidence furnished and that is not trick to truly disregard The reality that Mr. Baguirov can not verify what he desires to show, for me, nor the scholarly community of your West in addition to All those in the breakup of the USSR onwards. Else it would've currently been reported during the Encyclopedia Britannica. The leading aim here is on Nizamis father and there is no verse that mentions his ethnicity and so the rest is guess perform Whilst most likely his father was Kurdish, judging through the non-Turkic character of Nizamis five jewels.

And btw what counts is what the most recent resources say. If just one Armenian scholar in 1950 mentioned one thing (which I have never observed proof), tens of Armenian Students are stating the other now. Specifically Using the break up of soviets.

Even though I am confident elements of Turkic mythology might be present in the tales, but nonetheless the composition is way following Nizami and this is Tested by Dr. Firouz Mansuri by analyzing geographies, Persian words, Arabic text and and so forth. during the Tale. Also much more importantly this operate was introducted to the earth go to this site by German Students and has become incorporated a short while ago into the assorted Turkic nations id. Faruk Sumer in dates towards the XVI century in accordance just one resource.

Nizami Ganjavi will never be Portion of Turkish tradition since he contributed to Persian society. He lives by way of his medium over here of expression as well as the lifestyle that he enriched.

nine) Once more the point about ethnicity of Nizami will mention both of those father and mother. Numerous Abbassid caliphs had Turkic or Persian mom and these are generally all talked about in relavent sources.

“we with him – are of precisely the same age; we were being in China offered start. And by exactly the same learn was expertise supplied to equally of us”.

Even likely further about Iranian epics: The extent of affect from the Iranian epic is proven by the Turks who approved it as their particular historic historical past and also that of Iran.

Due to the fact Mr. Doostzadeh consistently shows absence of knowledge and understanding of Nizami’s poetry – Consequently proving that Said Nafisi was appropriate along with his quotation to academician Marr – and promises, in all probability only as a result of his anti-Azerbaijani, anti-Turkic racism – that “everybody knows Shirin was Christian [and therefore had to be Armenian]”, in this article’s an interesting passage with the poem (the verse’s above, as well as subsequent 1’s, already proved that Shirin and her aunt Mihin-Banu simply couldn't have been Armenian (despite processing Armenia like a vassal territory) and have been Arranian (Azerbaijani) and Turkic, consequently now I will likely demonstrate that Shirin was not Christian).

four) Fourthly Nizami takes advantage of Perso-arabic script. Not Azarbaijani script. And Get the facts he isn't going to say naharand, but he states nakharand. I'm able to read through the first Persian script and so be sure to never write Phony claims. You weren't there to in this article Nizami pronouncing. Persian has kh and Nizami has written kh. If some a single effectively verses in the language, he would pronounce it like the speakers of that language!

The Turkic words in Nizami’s poetry are noted inside the words and phrases of scholars that I’ve go through and cited, they are not my very own investigate. I’ve emphasized many times that anything I say is totally based on sound study and scholarly sources, lots of which I can easily offer even in scanned variety.

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